Maximize conversions with much less spend.

Get automated recommendations for “next-best-action” to increase conversions for paid search campaigns up to 3X times and reduce bad spend by up to 80%.
Easy setup, no code required.

Increase your conversions up to 3X via machine-learning driven recommendations

High accuracy predictions on keyword performance for your paid search campaign next week.


Avoid overpriced agency fees and ad budget disasters with real time insights.

Why do I need Bellbird?

Get better results without increasing ad spend

Bellbird tells you precisely what actions you have to take this week, to reduce bad spend and increase conversions next week.

Data-driven insights without needing a data science team

Bellbird trains machine learning models based on your past historical data, with no effort required on your part. These models are used for making campaign recommendations.

Know where your Ad dollars go in real-time

For enterprise customers, Bellbird will create custom dashboards and deploy them online via web-app so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Quick and easy way to generate reports

Bellbird comes with a web-app that lets you access on-demand analytics in real-time.

Key Features

Predicts conversion generating keywords

Bellbird's AI learns from your past campaign data and makes high-accuracy predictions. It can predict conversion/lead/sales generating keywords one week in advance so you can create more ad variations and responsive search ads with the right keywords.

Provides keyword recommendations

Based on your audience's search queries. Bellbird can recommend which keywords you should add to your paid search campaign. New keywords are recommended every week.

Detects underperforming keywords

Identifies keywords that are wasting money and not attracting the right kind of users, so you can delete them from your campaign.

Elegant setup process.

Make data-driven decisions without having to run a single line of code.

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Create goals

Generate On-demand Predictions and Analytics

Personalised Packages to fit your business needs.

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Monthly spend less than USD 10,000

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  • Better for businesses that wants to do more.
  • With machine-learning recommendations.
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Monthly spend more than USD 10,000

Enterprise User
  • Complete tools included with enterprise grade support
  • With machine-learning recommendations.
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Eliminate gut based decision with actionable, adaptive, automated recommendations powered by machine learning and AI, delivered via cloud.

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