Bellbird is the result of integrating data science, digital marketing and software engineering.

Our team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, that include advertising, marketing, software engineering and statistics. Together, we want to create meaningful solutions that help our customers run more efficient marketing campaigns We realized that there was a massive gap between traditional marketers and advanced recommendation techniques that employ AI and machine learning. Our ambition is to close that gap with our solutions.

With our first product, Bellbird ML, you can get automated recommendations for “next-best-action” to increase conversions for  paid search campaigns up to 3X times and reduce bad spend by up to 80%.

Bellbird helps you get more sales qualified leads with paid search campaigns.

Google’s paid search is one of the most effective ways of generating conversions, but as the campaign gets larger, more keywords and landing pages are added, it becomes unwieldy. That’s where Bellbird comes in.

You tell our system the goals you want to achieve with your paid search campaign, and our recommendation system takes care of the rest. Bellbird is a highly scalable system, so you can add an unlimited number of campaigns, keywords, landing pages and let our system figure out the rest.

More than just a BI Dashboard.

A study done in 2014 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that ads using machine learning and big-data driven marketing result in 13 times more conversions than traditional marketing best practices in multinational organizations.

At Bellbird, we go beyond simple business intelligence dashboards. We use our proprietary system that seamlessly integrates with your Google Ads account, trains a predictive model using your past data, and makes precise time-bound predictions.

Bellbird tells you precisely what actions you have to take this week, to reduce bad spend and increase conversions next week.

The power of good old-fashioned creative inspiration is still vital, but you can increase the potency of your creative efforts by 3X times with the power of machine-learning data driven recommendations.

With Bellbird, you get better conversions, better engagement, higher awareness, with much less spend.

Bellbird aims to develop a global ecosystem where

"the right businesses can reach the right customers at the right time"

Our mission is to develop solutions that achieve


We want our solutions to be focused on the problems they are addressing.


Bellbird’s solutions must be effectively addressing the problem they are designed to solve. And this efficacy must be backed by data.


Bellbird solutions must be designed in a way so anyone, even people with little or no tech training, should be able to use them.


BellBird solutions are transparent, and every single advertising dollar is accounted for.

Launched first working product
Deployed Dashboards
Customer validated
Deployed Champion Model
Accuracy for predicting conversion from keyword: 81%
Next Stop
Full Campaign Automation
Deployed First Model
Accuracy was 58%
Achieved Seamless Integration
With Google Ads API
Deployed Frontend for LPM
Dynamic dashboards.

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